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United Kingdom
I like cake :-D

I'm the...uhhh.....What's a less powerful word than queen? Of the ShapeShifters. I live in a rural area sorta-near-but-not-really London, I guess? I know how to say Let's go in 4 languages.
I can be really serious, then in ten seconds be spouting random stuff about dr. who, hetalia, Homestuck, or any other fandom I'm spamming.
I'm clinicly insane. Also can't spell.
I'm really bad at submitting BECAUSE SCHOOL so school years are an inactive time, ok?

OOOO also if you wanna know more about me ( No Idea why you'd want to do that):silktheshapeshifter.deviantart…
My email for all you stalkers:
Ok I lied. My inactiveness is the fault of Skyrim, Hetalia, Homestuck, and more hetalia. blame hetalia...

First real friend (on here lol) and forever bae :'D :icongaybiez:
Person. amazing person. :iconnaomichibanchan:
SENPAI//ULTAMATE BBY :iconwhat-the-honk:
NEED TO GET TO KNOW YOU BETTER :iconrogue-traveler:
BFF// Person who puts up with my glomp hugs and/or slight stalking :3 :iconronkiku:
Sorry if I forgot you D:
Stranger: clean or dirty???
You: Hail Satan, have a nice day!
Stranger: Wow, thanks
You: You're quite welcome my dear.
Stranger: You're so polite wowee
You: Thank you! I appreciate your kindness.
Stranger: I appreciate yours, and your politeness! You done good son
You: Ahem, I am not a son.
You: Apologies, that was slightly rude of me!
Stranger: Oooh, my apologies, dearie
You: You had no indication I was female.
You: It's not your falt
Stranger: Ah, but it was also quiet rude of me to have partook in such a bad joke
Stranger: quite*
You: Anyway, down to business!
You: Are you intersed in a job?
You: *Interested
Stranger: What kind of job, miss?
You: Well..
You: It is a recruitment job.
Stranger: Recruitment for what, pray tell?
You: I have such a job!
You: Welll.. ahem... It's... to put it politely...
You: damming souls. The pay is quite good! 2 hours with the hellhound puppies per "new employee"
Stranger: Oooh, I'm very interested!
Stranger: Would you happen to have any other information?
You: Really?! Oh thank goodness!
Stranger: Work hours, benefits, the like?
You: Well. Your employer would be Lucifer, of course, and the benefits is office air conditioning (trust me, this is a blessing), lack of eternal torture, and the work hours are eternity with three year breaks every century.
Stranger: Excellent!
You: Ok! you'll start as soon as you die.
Stranger: Are you hiring immediately, or is there somewhere I need to apply?
You: Just recite this...
Stranger: Ooohh!
You: O mighty Lord Satan,
God of this world,
God of my flesh,
God of my mind,
God of my innermost Will!

Every part of this world is within Your power.
You are within every part of this world.
Every part of me is within Your power.
You are within every part of me.

I am Yours, whether I serve You willingly or not,
for I am myself, whether I am true to myself or not.

Of my own free will, I now acknowledge Your power.
Of my own free will, I now present myself to You.
Stranger: Now, or when I die?
You: Now, I you please.
You: *if
Stranger: Excellent, I already have.
You: very good! see you in twenty to fifty years!
Stranger: See you in Hell!
You: goodbye, dear!

I love damning souls 

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